Importance of Tutoring this Summer

Tuition is defined as a fully qualified outstanding teacher working with one pupil. This arrangement enables the teacher to focus exclusively on one learners and their individual needs. Intensive tuition is often provided to support lower attaining learners or those who are falling behind, but it can also be used as a more general strategy to ensure effective progress, or to teach challenging topics or skills. All pupils can benefit from tuition this summer.

We provide outstanding tuition at The Tutor Circle using an innovative, fun approach to teaching that ensures pupils make good progress. We believe learning should be fund, collaborative and support learners to become independent life-long learners.

How effective is tutoring?

Overall, evidence shows that tuition is highly effective. Individual tuition has a much higher impact than group tuition. Some studies suggest that greater feedback from the teacher, more sustained engagement in one-to-one tuition, or work which is more closely matched to learners’ needs explains this impact.

How secure is the evidence?

The evidence mainly relates to low-attaining pupils receiving additional support to catch up with their peers. Overall, the evidence is conclusive. To date, the majority of the evidence comes from the USA. However, in recent years a growing number of rigorous UK studies have been conducted. In a 2014 evaluation Year 6 and 7 pupils made an additional three months’ progress with a structured tutor programme. In addition, an intensive coaching programme that involved one to one tuition had an average impact of five additional months' progress. A 2011 evaluation of Every Child Counts also found that the programme had a positive impact when delivered on a one to one basis.

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